Say Hello To 2013 and No to Resolutions

happy+new+year+2013Oh how I would love to make a list of New Year Resolutions for 2013. Oh how disappointing it would be to realize by January 15th there was no way I was going to even attempt to keep said resolutions. Oh how depressing it would be as February rolls around and to have completely forgotten the resolutions I had crafted barely a month earlier. Nope, not this year, I am not falling for that mental trap.

Instead, 2013, I hope, will be marked by a silent determination to keep moving forward and not dwell on the past. You see when drama comes into our lives, and I am no exception, we spend a whole lot of time and energy fighting yesterdays battles.

For example on January 15th the members of my union will be voting on a concessionary contract in order to save our airline from liquidation. While I will vote yes in hopes of saving my well paid job there is no guarantee my fellows pilots will vote the same. I face the real possibility of being unemployed for the first time in over twenty three years. As depressing as this prospect may be, I will get up on January 16th and not fight what was but look to what now.

Either way, 2013 will see me quietly moving closer to checking off some just for fun boxes. Bouncing around in my head are ideas for little video projects I would like to complete. Last summer I took my video camera to Dubs In The Valley 2012 and  Euro Hangar 2012 to film the Volkswagen and Audi car shows. I had received some good feedback on my edits so I thought this year I would expand on my film making hobby. Not only will I be bringing all my video gear to all the shows I will also make an attempt to shoot little mini-Documentries about the people and things I find interesting and enjoyable.

Another, Not a Resolution for the new year, is to keep building on what little progress I have made in bending the “Fat Curve” from bulging to more of a flat almost twig like flat line. Yes in order to accomplish this task I have to find my way to the gym. However this is not as hard of a task as it once was. I have been given the chance to work with three young soccer players, helping them improve the technical parts of their game. I am highly motivated and have been for several months. So, I am quite confident in 2013 I will be a regular at the gym ever so slightly bending the bulge in the opposite direction.

While not a resolution, in 2013 I would like to reach out, reconnect and even mend a few broken fences with friends who I have lost contact with. I am looking forward to strengthening friendships with some of the amazing people I have met through Further Performance. I am looking forward to Southern Worthersee  and all the fun we are surly going to have.

Head up, one step at a time, get excited for the New Year. No matter what happens, I will wake up tomorrow knowing there are adventures to be had  Good friends will make me laugh, some will make me cry.  In the end I will be secure knowing everything will be alright.

Happy New Year 2013


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