A Sense Of Community

I spent the day at Further Performance as they assembled the rebuilt engine for my 1997 Golf GTI VR6.  Tristan has made his shop into more than a place to have an oil changed. So many people enjoy dropping by to see what new build is underway or just to chill out and tell hangar stories. There is a real sense of community among the people who gather at the shop. It is a community of people who share their collective knowledge of VW and Audi cars. The shop is also a place where it is not uncommon to see Tristan and everyone working at Further helping a new tuner find their way around an engine bay.

I have spent my life in the soccer coaching world, always willing to lend a hand and my equipment to young coaches or players. Despite their best intentions often my equipment did not come back in the same condition as it went out. For this reason I was amazed  when Tristan, in the spirt of true community, would willingly and with a smile, let tuners use the tools of his trade. I’m not talking about the tools of some giant unaware corporation, no, I am talking Tristan’s personal tools, the instruments of  his business. While I am sure, from time to time, a wrench or a socket went missing, mostly due to misplacement by the user, the vast majority of the time each tools was returned with care to its proper spot in the big blue toolbox. I guess in the end, when you trust the people who walk through your doors, it gives credence to the meaning of community.



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