My Minnesota VW Scene

2RsI have not been part of the Minnesota VW scene for very long. Yes I have owned my GTI since 1997. Back then I did not know to many people who were into VW’s. For the most part I had one or two friends who influenced my decision to buy a GTI. Neither of these friends were much into tuning, except to swap out the factory radio for some killer aftermarket stereo kit.

A few years ago I decided to dip my big toe into the world of tuning and set about modifying my 1997 Golf GTI. There was no wading into this pool for me; I jumped in head first and have enjoyed every minute.

One of the cool things about the Minnesota VW scene is there are so many people willing to step up and help out when a fellow VW owner needs a hand. There are always guys trading advice, helping with tools and parts, even lending a warm garage on a cold Minnesota night.

When my friend Tristan over at Further Performance  needed a helping hand I was all to glad to give what I could. Tristan was invited by VW America to attend the 2013 Rolex 24 at Daytona and showcase some of his work. Unfortunately for Tristan the new wheels for his 2012 Green Machine Golf R had not arrived in time for the race. I was more than happy to let him swap out the black wheels on my Golf R to put on his R so he could make the statement he was looking for. I will have to admit his Golf R looked Sick.

When we were switching the wheels back I made a not so successful attempt at a “Swish” Blog. I guess you learn something new every time you pick up a video camera. Next time I will correct some the mistakes.


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