That New Airplane Smell


The great thing about a new airplane, besides the “new plane smell” is how it feels. Like a new car every surface, every knob and every switch is smooth, not only to the touch but also in it’s respective operation. Push the thrust levers forward and there is no hesitation as the motors effortlessly, in unison, spool up to takeoff power. Pull back on the yoke and you are treated to a positive response as the airplane gently breaks it’s bonds with the earth. Turn right or turn left the plane heads off in the direction you point her.

Sitting in the cockpit and looking around you are struck by the freshness of your surroundings. Gone are the layers of grime the older ships have accumulated through out their yeas of service. knocks and crannies are shinny and clean; free form the human hair, dead skin, dust incased mire that oozes from older aircraft. When I sit in the captains chair gone is the funky stench rising from the sheep skin covered seats. I am awe struck at the easy my chair not only moves forward and aft but also up and down. My lumbar has finally found much needed support. Under food white socks remain white. Yellow toenail clippings have yet to make an appearance, while the bottom of your shoes are free from globs of chewing tobacco that seem to metastasize every day both in number and size.

Give this new girl one winter and she will fit in along side the rest of the fleet, dripping, oozing with a funk only the well traveled seem to have.


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