2014 Bring It On



Whether it is a new day, new week, new month or a new year I start out each with an idea that things will be different. I dream, I plot and I plan but all too often the lofty idea I cook up in my head gives way to the grind of daily life. Despite the failures, the procrastination and the Oh so close, I dust myself off and try again.

Ok 2013 was not all that bad. In 2013 I survived the bankruptcy of peaknuckle airlines, now Endeavor Air battered, bruised but unbeaten. With a smile I completed my will. I so wish I could see the look on beneficiary’s face when the lawyer reads the will, but it is a surprise and of course I will be dead, like in twenty years from now. I also had a chance to reconnect, without interference from evil joe, to the Edina Varsity boys soccer program by providing them with their end of the year team video. I can honestly say I had a blast not only making the video but also getting to know the may quality parents and players who made up the team.

Speaking of amazing people. The crew from Further Peformance kept me smiling all year long. Tristan, Mike, Frank and Matt not only kept all my cars running in top order but they also inspired me and made me feel like family. 2013 saw the rebirth of WitchOne, my 1997 Golf GTI. I will be forever grateful for all the extra time and energy Further Peformance. put into the GTI not only to bring it back to life but to making it a truly special ride.

So 2014 has arrived. While I have long ago given up on new years resolutions I still have lofty ideas and goals. I still dream, plot and plan. In 2014 I will focus on the house remodeling. I have a few rooms that have already been dismantled. The plan, before the years end, is to combine and put back together all the things I tore a part.  The GTI and Golf R will see a few tweaks this year. Mostly I look forward to driving the cars to Southern Worthersee  and all the other shows the Clean Schnitt crew plans on attending.

WitchOne and 2Dubs

WitchOne and 2Dubs

When it comes to my videos I have big plans for 2014. In the works is the story behind Witchone, why chose to rebuild a broken down MKIII GTI and what the car means to me. I am in the begining stages of putting together a retrospect video of the last group of guys from Edina to win the State High School Championship. I would like to release the video in conjunction with the 2014 Edina Varsity Soccer highlight video. I have other project ideas bouncing around in my head and I hope 2014 will be a banner year in video production.

All in all life goes on and if I experience failures along the way all I have to do is wait for monday to roll around.

Happy New Year!


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