Learning the Art of Video

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

I have been on and off for the past thirty plus years, taking pictures and video of amateur soccer.  My focus has been on the teams and players I was coaching. I have to confess I am, at least I believe to be, a better coach than photographer. To be honest, though I enjoy photography I never spent the time diving into all the in’s and out’s of photography and it shows. What I have learned has come from trial and error and duplicating happy accidents.  For example almost 30 years ago I was shooting pictures of Edina High School’s Boy’s Varsity Soccer team’s championship game against Saint Paul Academy played at the Metro Dome. I remember shooting with slide film. To make things more interesting I had no idea how to set my camera up for proper exposure. The pictures were pretty pathetic. I was lucky that a few pictures kind of turned out. The few pictures that were not completely black have provided many guys who played on that Edina team some fond memories.

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

This past fall I had the opportunity to provide the Edina Boys Varsity team with an end of the season highlight video. I had a blast filming this team. While I made many mistakes I also learned a lot. In a lot of ways this turned out to be my favorite videos to date. The experience has inspired me to improve on  what I have learned and attempt to make next seasons video bigger and better.


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