A Day With Mom

When I left the house this past sunday, camera in tow, I had this idea that I would share a little of the macabre with you. You see every sunday, like every sunday for that past forty years, myself and my brothers gather at mom’s for sunday lunch. For about the past ten years now, mom has been staying at an assisted living facility. We have watched Alzheimer’s slowly take her mind. I shot this video with the intention of showing the cold hand of death sucking the life out of mom, what I got instead was lots of smiles and plenty of laughs.

Ok not every weekend is like this. In fact the cold hand of death is sucking the life out of my mom. I can’t imagine this is what they meant by one’s “golden years.” Every time I visit I shake my head knowing I am looking into my future. While I have not really spent the time educating myself on what is or is not Alzheimer’s I do know I more than likely will be suffering the same fate as mom.  What we have been told is my mom has the same condition that took my dad’s life back in 1974, a form of  Atherosclerosis.  Instead of plaques building up in her heart, like my dad, it is building up in the main arteries that supply blood to her brain. As the blood supply is reduced to the brain the memory and other day to day functions start to fade. Adding insult to injury the condition is probably genetic. Ok this is a very general description of wants going on but you get the idea.

I am not looking forward to being stuck in a wheelchair, pooping my pants and having every personal need attended to. Two positive things to look forward to. I have kids to pass this onto and no matter how horrible I will feel, a few short seconds it will be like nothing ever happened.

Watch the video and feel free to leave me a comment.


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