The Last DC-9 says Good By

DC-9-51 N783NC

DC-9-51 N783NC

There are a few times in life where I live simultaneously as an adult and as a 9 year-old boy full of awe and wonder. When I watch sport or play my games the 9 year-old lives on strong dreaming of one day making it to the pros’s. When I see cars drive by that catch my eye. Mind you the car does not have to exotic just something that is different in its own way. Instantly I am transported back to a day when posters of my favorite cars joined Farrah Fawcett, famous athletes and P-51 Mustangs on my bedroom wall. How, even today, nothing will stop me in my tracks like the roar of a jet engine. Given all the I spend at airports and all the hours of I have logged flying jets, I still stop and the 9 year-old boy watches in awe and wonder as the planes roll by.

Today Delta put to bed an icon of the aviation industry. The last DC-9 in Delta’s fleet will soon be gathering dust in some desert awaiting the crusher. Or the first regional jet may find new life hauling boxes or carrying on in some third world nation.

Either way below is a good read if you are an aviation enthusiast.

Workhorse DC-9 Heads to the Afterlife in the Sky |


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