Living the Dream

First Flight

15 years-old and about to take my First Flight

Thirty-eight years ago to day I flew my first airplane. Looking back on the experience I am just as excited to climb into the cockpit today as was the wide eyed 15 year old of the past. I have told this story before but as in all good stories it can be told again.

As far back as I can remember I was in love with aviation. I have been told, and I vaguely remember, that even as a young child aviation was part of my world. Like many young children I had imaginary playmates, Map and Groger, two heroes out saving the world. Of course both were pilots flying airplanes and helicopters while rescuing the needy with ease.

Through out my school days nothing really captured my attention as much and as firmly as airplanes. Yes I had bedroom wall posters of Porsche’s and Ferrari’s, Favorite athletes, and seriously what 15 year old boy did not have Farrah Fawcett looking down at him as he drifted off to sleep. However it was airplanes that would always stop me in my tracks. Even today I will stop and look up as the shiny birds climb into the sky.

Thanks to Edina High School and Anders Christenson, my Aerospace teacher, I jumped at the chance to learn about flying. Aerospace I. taught us the basics of flying. It was through Aerospace I. that we were given the opportunity to fly a real airplane. Three students would each split a leg between Flying Cloud (KFCM), Saint Cloud (KSTC) and then to Hutchinson (KHCD) and back to Flying Cloud airports. I drew the second leg KSTC to KHCD. By the time we reached Saint Cloud I was air-sick green about to blow chunks at any moment. What the hell this is my dream and I’m about the puke my guts out, this is not happening! While everyone was chuckling at my demise my 15 year-old ego and pride refused to give in. I took the controls and flew for the very first time a Cherokee 140 between Saint Cloud and Hutchinson municipal airports. Despite the nausea I did not blow chunks and I did not give up

First Flight

First time at the controls and fighting off a bad case of airsickness.

I have spent the vast majority of my working life at airports, pumping gas into aircraft or flying passengers around the country. The past twenty-five years I have flown airplanes for the same company, though they have changed their name a few times. Despite bankruptcies and  pay cuts I still get up every day looking forward to going to work. I love what I do. I am living my dream.

Endeavor Air CRJ900 My current office

Endeavor Air CRJ900 My current office


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