Saved by Neat Video

Today starts the fall soccer season and as I have been, on and off,  for the past 30 years I will be documenting the teams season. Being an uber amateur with no budget always brings challenges to the filming process. If you have ever shot video you know that sports stadiums present crazy challenges. The challenges are compounded when you shoot at night. Last year I found a product Neat Video which made a huge difference in the quality of the end product.

This morning while setting up my equipment I ran across some car footage I shot on a road trip to Colorado. I did not have the setting on my Canon FX300 set correctly and the image was unusable due to the image noise. just for fun I ran a few shots through Neat Video and wow amazing. The before and after shots are from about 2 minutes of tinkering and I keep shaking my head at the huge save this little program provides us, I have no clue, amateurs.


Raw GolfR GTI

2013 GTI GolfR


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