Rude passenger and Élan Gale’s Epic Twitter Battle

imageAll to often the Thanksgiving tradition of over the river and through the wood to Grandfathers is hardly a joyful sleigh ride. Modern day travel, especially air travel, is all to often an exasperating experience. Hardly a holiday season goes by where some region of the US is not plagued by over crowed airports, stuffed airplanes and weather delays. If your are lucky enough to be experiencing clear sky’s on Thanksgiving eve cross your fingers that there is not a mechanical breakdown of your shinny jet aircraft. It is just the way of life in the airline industry. No one form the CEO to the ship groomer is trying to make your holiday travel a living nightmare but as they say shit happens. When things go wrong I am pretty sure even the most jaded airline employee feels your pain and is trying everything, in their power, to get you to your destination for the holidays.

I am lucky in the sense that as a pilot I am more often than not insulated from the wrath of the frustrated traveling public. It is the gate agents and flight attendants who take the beating when the aviation gods conspire to keep the traveling public from their thanksgiving dinner. We all have had to take a tongue lashing from a disgruntle passenger when something, out of our control, goes wrong. We smile politely assuring the red face fire breathing individual that we are doing everything in our power to get them to their destination. No matter how understanding or compassionate one is there are days when it is not enough and you wish the aviation gods will help put the red faced head spinning devil passenger in their place. Thank you Elan

Elan Gale’s US Air’s flight from New York to LA was delayed (presumably by weather) Gale’s epic twitter battle with the passenger in 7A is hilarious. Some people will argue Gale took things too far I will leave that for you to decide. However on a plane, at McDonalds or at some fancy restaurant, Gale wins points in my book for pushing the buttons of rude inconsiderate self centered human. Well done sir.

Elan Gale’s epic twitter battle with Passenger in 7A (


That New Airplane Smell


The great thing about a new airplane, besides the “new plane smell” is how it feels. Like a new car every surface, every knob and every switch is smooth, not only to the touch but also in it’s respective operation. Push the thrust levers forward and there is no hesitation as the motors effortlessly, in unison, spool up to takeoff power. Pull back on the yoke and you are treated to a positive response as the airplane gently breaks it’s bonds with the earth. Turn right or turn left the plane heads off in the direction you point her.

Sitting in the cockpit and looking around you are struck by the freshness of your surroundings. Gone are the layers of grime the older ships have accumulated through out their yeas of service. knocks and crannies are shinny and clean; free form the human hair, dead skin, dust incased mire that oozes from older aircraft. When I sit in the captains chair gone is the funky stench rising from the sheep skin covered seats. I am awe struck at the easy my chair not only moves forward and aft but also up and down. My lumbar has finally found much needed support. Under food white socks remain white. Yellow toenail clippings have yet to make an appearance, while the bottom of your shoes are free from globs of chewing tobacco that seem to metastasize every day both in number and size.

Give this new girl one winter and she will fit in along side the rest of the fleet, dripping, oozing with a funk only the well traveled seem to have.