Why I Wear 14

cruyff6Back in the70’s when I was a kid growing up in Minneapolis MN we were hard pressed to find any sort of football. I’m talking proper football, not the incredible boring NFL type football. Yes there was the park and rec. in-house Edina soccer association, a bunch of scrub kids chasing a ball around once a week over summer break. To find real football the stuff of World Cup glory and European titles was, except for PBS Sunday showing of Soccer Made in Germany, impossible.

My first taste of Proper football was in 1976 when the Minnesota kicks came to town. I was hooked and as a 16 year-old and I was a season ticket holder. Yeah I went for the game not the tailgate party, though they were fun too. I drank in the sport. I was short skinny and not a very good athlete but I loved to play the game.

In the summer of 1977 or 78 someone got their hands on the official FIFA movie Heading for glory the story of the 1974 world cup game in West Germany. After watching the video I fell in love with the German National Team and Johan Cruyff.

Cruyff stole my imagination. I sucked at the game, I still do, but I love how Cruyff played the game so fluid so graceful yet so cunning. I tried and tried to emulate what I saw on that VHS tape. His first touch perfect, his vision of the field perfect. In my teenage head I would pretend I was Cruyff, until of course, I tripped over the ball doing his signature move and reality crashed down on top of me as I hit the floor. While I could never come close to making Cruyff’s moves mine I did adopt his number, #14. Even today when I kick around in the backyard in my old man head I see myself as Cruyff #14 and all.



Edina Boys Soccer 2014

Today culminates my 2014 season with the Edina High School boys soccer team. For the past two and a half years I have spent the fall months filming and creating the end of the season highlight video for the teams banquet. Like past years I have throughly enjoyed my time with the team. I do not know the boys away from the team however if they are anything like athletes who show up every day to practice, giving it their best, I can say with out a doubt, parents smile, you have some classy young men on your hands.

Filming this years video went much smoother than last years video. As always, being an amateur filmmaker poses more than a few challenges. I use two cameras, a Canon XF100 and a Canon XF300. The XF100 I set up in the stands for the overview shot (Many thanks to the parents who volunteered to run the camera) and I use the XF300 for the on the field shots. Lighting gave me my biggest problems. Early evening games when the fall sun was low on the horizon was havoc on the camera sensors. Next year I will have to invest in two matte boxes to control the intense September light. The biggest challenge I faced was the night games. Few if any of the fields were lit well. This pushed both cameras to their limits. The XF300 I believe lived up to the challenge while the XF100 struggled due to its placement and auto settings.

This year I used Final Cut Pro X. I love this editing program, Ok I learned on FCP 6. The downer side of things is my Mac Pro is about ten years old and not up to the challenge of FCPX. I did all my editing on my Macbook Pro. Not a big problem but dam i’m getting old and a laptop screen is not the best for viewing or editing. Time to pony up some cash and upgrade to the new Mac Pro.

Overall a very enjoyable season. I am looking forward to next year and pushing my amateur video skills to the next level.

Comments are always welcome
Enjoy the Video.


Learning the Art of Video

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

I have been on and off for the past thirty plus years, taking pictures and video of amateur soccer.  My focus has been on the teams and players I was coaching. I have to confess I am, at least I believe to be, a better coach than photographer. To be honest, though I enjoy photography I never spent the time diving into all the in’s and out’s of photography and it shows. What I have learned has come from trial and error and duplicating happy accidents.  For example almost 30 years ago I was shooting pictures of Edina High School’s Boy’s Varsity Soccer team’s championship game against Saint Paul Academy played at the Metro Dome. I remember shooting with slide film. To make things more interesting I had no idea how to set my camera up for proper exposure. The pictures were pretty pathetic. I was lucky that a few pictures kind of turned out. The few pictures that were not completely black have provided many guys who played on that Edina team some fond memories.

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

1986 Edina Boys Varsity Soccer

This past fall I had the opportunity to provide the Edina Boys Varsity team with an end of the season highlight video. I had a blast filming this team. While I made many mistakes I also learned a lot. In a lot of ways this turned out to be my favorite videos to date. The experience has inspired me to improve on  what I have learned and attempt to make next seasons video bigger and better.

2014 Bring It On



Whether it is a new day, new week, new month or a new year I start out each with an idea that things will be different. I dream, I plot and I plan but all too often the lofty idea I cook up in my head gives way to the grind of daily life. Despite the failures, the procrastination and the Oh so close, I dust myself off and try again.

Ok 2013 was not all that bad. In 2013 I survived the bankruptcy of peaknuckle airlines, now Endeavor Air battered, bruised but unbeaten. With a smile I completed my will. I so wish I could see the look on beneficiary’s face when the lawyer reads the will, but it is a surprise and of course I will be dead, like in twenty years from now. I also had a chance to reconnect, without interference from evil joe, to the Edina Varsity boys soccer program by providing them with their end of the year team video. I can honestly say I had a blast not only making the video but also getting to know the may quality parents and players who made up the team.

Speaking of amazing people. The crew from Further Peformance kept me smiling all year long. Tristan, Mike, Frank and Matt not only kept all my cars running in top order but they also inspired me and made me feel like family. 2013 saw the rebirth of WitchOne, my 1997 Golf GTI. I will be forever grateful for all the extra time and energy Further Peformance. put into the GTI not only to bring it back to life but to making it a truly special ride.

So 2014 has arrived. While I have long ago given up on new years resolutions I still have lofty ideas and goals. I still dream, plot and plan. In 2014 I will focus on the house remodeling. I have a few rooms that have already been dismantled. The plan, before the years end, is to combine and put back together all the things I tore a part.  The GTI and Golf R will see a few tweaks this year. Mostly I look forward to driving the cars to Southern Worthersee  and all the other shows the Clean Schnitt crew plans on attending.

WitchOne and 2Dubs

WitchOne and 2Dubs

When it comes to my videos I have big plans for 2014. In the works is the story behind Witchone, why chose to rebuild a broken down MKIII GTI and what the car means to me. I am in the begining stages of putting together a retrospect video of the last group of guys from Edina to win the State High School Championship. I would like to release the video in conjunction with the 2014 Edina Varsity Soccer highlight video. I have other project ideas bouncing around in my head and I hope 2014 will be a banner year in video production.

All in all life goes on and if I experience failures along the way all I have to do is wait for monday to roll around.

Happy New Year!